June 10, 2017

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Why should we have kids; when all we see around are tensed parents- not understanding how to manage their children! What’s the point of getting another life into this world when all the parents are left with tiredness and irritability by the end of the day?’

Not willing to go through the same struggles as most of the other parents, Sushant Kalra and Monica Kalra decided to read and research extensively about parenting. After bringing their son Aman to their world; the couple’s passion and determination to spread their researched, developed and practiced parenting concepts to other parents grew more vigorously. This in turn gave rise to India’s one of the pioneering parenting institutes, Parwarish Institute of Parenting in 2008.

Inspired by Wayne Dyer’s concept of No Limitness in children; Parwarish focuses on nurturing that No-Limit child’s life by bringing education and science in the area of parenting. The dictionary meaning of parenting means ‘The upbringing and care of a child’. With our excellence in understanding the Overall Developmental aspects of children, Parwarish is an expert in offering series of coaching and workshops for parents and teachers of children from all age groups

With a belief of empowering the participants with an access to their issues rather than giving them handy tips; our workshops are specially designed to open participants’ channels of thinking. The workshops empower them to find their own solutions to everyday issues and work towards creating a stimulating environment for their child.

With our commitment to make parenting and teaching more comfortable and joyful experience; Parwarish’s bunch of young professionals work with full zeal and passion for the parents and teachers so that they can raise effectively healthy, happy and productive children

Causing a paradigm shift in the way we look at Parenting and Teaching.



“Children are born with all the power in the world; it is the external environment and the interactions children have that restricts their natural Gifts and hence their development. By providing a “Nurturing and Stimulating” Environment we can support raising their intelligence and potential to keep learning”.


This is just not a belief – That’s the way it is


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Sushant Kalra
Parenting Coach

Founder Director of Parwarish Institute of Parenting. An award winning parenting coach, who has developed interactive workshops for parents and teachers based on the age of their children and various topic specific workshops which deal with the issues, we face with children on daily basis .




Nupur Mahajan


Nupur Mahajan is an expert in Human Development and Childhood Studies (University of Delhi) and is a certified counselor under Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). After her Masters from University of Delhi, she has done various Paper Presentations at the National level, related to her field of expertise.

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Jane Doe

Adventure Instructor

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