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Beat the Exam Stress- A Workshop for Counselors

It would not take long for all the school to put up “Quiet! Exam in progress” signs.

The curfew around the exam time is as familiar as any season and for children going haywire prior a week to that day to prove themselves’ to parents, friends, relatives, teachers and any other person becomes a very common sight.

Parwarish Cares Foundation will be organizing a workshop for counselors, one of it’s kind,  on January 13th, 2018; to empower them to partner children to cope up with this examination stress.

The session will be led by MR. SUSHANT KALRA, a renowned Parent’s Coach and founder of Parwarish Institute of Parenting.

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DATE: 13-01-2018

TIME: 9:30A.M.- 1:30P.M.

VENUE: Safdarjung Club Library, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

ELIGIBILITY: School Counselors, NGO Officials working directly with children, School Teachers

COST: Rs.300/- Per Person

CONTACT: +91 9999 152 064

Registrations open until January 5th, 2018

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