Beat the Exam Stress- A Workshop for Counselors It would not take long for all the school to put up “Quiet! Exam in progress” signs. The curfew around the exam time is as familiar as any season and for children going haywire prior a week to that day ‘to prove themselves’ to parents, friends, relatives,[…]

Body Science : Empowering Parents to Educate Children about Sex

  Body Science : Empowering Parents to talk to their Children about Sex Everyone agrees that parents should be “open and frank” when they talk to their children about sex, but no one is willing to tell parents how.  In these 3 hours, myths will be broken about child sexual abuse and parents will be[…]

Calming the Emotional Storm: a Workshop for Counselors

  Calming the Emotional Storm- A Workshop for Counselor Have you ever found it difficult to manage a child’s aggressive behavior? Has bullying among children been a common occurrence? Does persistent sadness among children concern you? Let experts partner you through the process! A workshop on ‘Calming the Storm: a path to emotional well-being’ being organized by[…]

Nurturing No-Limitness: One Step at a Time

With the idea of giving families tools to have an overall impact on Parent and a Child relationship, Parwarish comes up with a series of Workshops for Parents and Children. These 4 hours long workshops will ensure that there will be a complete shift in your outlook of looking at these topics. These topics will[…]