Creative Workshop for Adolescents


5 breakthrough programs exclusively for young teens

This 5-day program will empower teens to deal with their growing up challenges.

Interactive discussions with fun - filled games & enjoyment will be our mode of sessions.


Event Details:


Day 1 - 5th June -  Learning to deal with teenage chaos
will support teenagers to understand their roller coaster ride of teenage years more closely which will eventually empower them to deal with the confusions & struggles of this phase.

Day 2 - 6th June -  Building Self Confidence
will empower teenagers to restore their high self-confidence. This session will create a self-acceptance for adolescents which will eventually lead to high self-esteem.

Day 3 - 7th June -  Being Responsible
the session will build discussions with children on how can they take responsibility of their life on their own and enjoy the freedom.

Day 4 - 8th June - Overcoming fear of Failures 
This session will flip the flop for teens. They will embrace the flops/failures of their life & thus they will never get stopped by it in their life.

Day 5 - 9th June - Sex Education
This workshop will empower teens in 2 ways. Firstly to protect themselves from sexual abuse and secondly by handling the growing up changes (physically, hormonal, attractions, etc.) in a healthy manner.
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Date: 5 June 2017 – 9 June 2017

Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Duration: 4 hours reach workshop.

Fee: Rs. 900.00 per workshop  OR  Rs.3500.00 for all 5

Capacity: 25 Children per batch

Venue: Parwarish, A2/72, Basement Safderjung Enclave 110029

Category of tickets:

  1. Individual Event Pass:  Rs. 900.00 each
  2. All Event Pass: Rs. 500.00 each


Sessions will be conducted by the Child Development Experts and Counselors who have specially designed these workshops for pre and early teens.

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