Incredible journey of Parwarish at Siliguri, West Bengal


(In her own words)

Parenting is a lifelong journey, of trial and error, continuous learning and growing together with your child. As parents, we have an important responsibility. All of us want to be a good parent and role model for our children. The constant news regarding students not enjoying studies, not listening to parents, more active in violent social media and activities, less respect for moral values, less physical activities, not able to cope with the situations leading to increase in suicide rates, indulging in high risk behaviour like drugs and irresponsible sexual behaviour aroused some questions in my mind such as can I do something that will help parents and children to prevent such indulgence? What is the reason, why our children are prone to such type of activities despite good education in schools and educated parents? When the history is unravelled our attention falls on parenting errors that have led to this sequence of events. With a commitment to make parenting and teaching more comfortable and joyful experience; Parwarish’s bunch of young professionals work with full zeal and passion for the parents and teachers so that they can raise effectively healthy, happy and productive children.
Should I punish my child? Or when I can scold her or when not? Am I over pampering my baby?
To find out answers to the above questions, I decided to pursue a 3 months certification programme to look into the depth and train myself for how I can raise a healthy child who will be an independent and responsible adult tomorrow. During my training I observed “no limitness” in school children, street children, worked at NGOs, and conducted workshops with parents and children. I could understand that parenting is an art and a science by which parents can equip the child under their care with skills to lead independent life forever. But there is no standard tool or one recommendation that applies to all children. Parenting is a journey and it cannot be completed within a day. At this juncture I realized whatever I have learnt should be spread beyond the four walls of my house and make the caregivers aware of the urgent need to inculcate the additional skills to become better custodians of their children. My mission is to take this endeavour to the heart of every parent in North Bengal and Sikkim. As a result, I decided to open Sanskar Center for children in association with Parwarish. This center will help you to introspect and internalize the aspects of the current parenting practices that are being followed and to inculcate the recommended principles in future through various workshops.

I, parenting coach Devikala Sharma will lead this center across North Bengal and Sikkim – wherein I will be associated with both the public and the private sectors. I have been trained by and associated with the core team of Parwarish, in No Limit Child Program including various workshops related to parents and children. I am also trained in enjoying studies program conducted by the institute.
I have been working on research, designing & conducting workshops for parents & teachers.
My key interest is to guide parents in helping them see the blossoming of a self reliant, compassionate and an independent child in the years to unfold.
The main programs of this center are focussed upon parents, children and teachers.
I hope to enjoy this initial journey through parenting with hope and happiness that we are here to make a difference to the emotional health of the children under our care.
Let us realize that “What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give”.
Sanskar Center for children at Siliguri has come up for a noble cause of focussing on the future of children, society and the nation.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Sushant Kalra the Founder Director , Parwarish and his team for acting as resource person and supporting me to develop, and raise the quality of parent-child relationship.
Please bring the errors to our attention and feel free to offer constructive criticism.

Thank you, have a happy parenting!!

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