April 28, 2017


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Rise : Limit to Limitless

A 3 months long program divided into two parts. It comprises of a weekend offsite followed by 7 sessions over a period of 3 months. The program provides access to children to identify and overcome the barriers they are facing to realize their true potential. A session with parents is specially designed to create the support structure at home. Find out more

Learning Disabilities / Special Needs:

Designed specifically for children and parents struggling with the tags like ‘learning disabilities’, 'slow learning', ‘special needs’, ‘behavioral issues etc. The children are individually taken through the Parwarish child development process, to break through these tags and access their unlimited potential. Setup a meeting / Call

Tuitions: Children Learning Their Way!

Parwarish’s Academic counseling process ensures 25% increase in results over a period of 1 year. A program designed to identify learning breaks in children, their unique learning styles and their stimulus to build their thirst for life-long learning. Find out more

Child Counseling Sessions

“Process of Counseling is like clearing the dark clouds of one’s life to experience the rainbow and the sunshine for the beautiful path ahead”. These sessions are aimed at empowering the kids to build resilience and tenacity to overcome their fears, inhibitions, and insecurities and move towards a powerful and limitless life. Write Us to Know More

" Parwarish made me realize what’s going wrong. The session was an eye opener and gave me an access to manage many challenges that I face with my child every day esp. about his studies, mobile usage etc."

~ Madhuri Chawla