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Aaj Kal ke bachchey

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Often we get to hear…..

Aaj Kal ke bachchey..

·       They just don’t have any patience

·       There is no tolerance

·       They seem to be in a hurry

·       There is no respect for the teachers (and parents)

·       And there is absolutely no fear..

·       They should fear at least one person 

 In our times

·       We just could speak in front of our father.

·       We could never think of replying back to our Teachers

·       We were so well behaved.

·       Its becoming so much more difficult to manage children these days.


And at the end we say – we just don’t know WHY IS STHIS HAPPENING? Must be the media exposure, these laptops, mobiles, satellite TV….

So let’s have a closer look at the children of yester years… that is the current generation of parents, who claim to be better and more manageable than the generation of today.

·       We had more fear of parents (especially father)

·       We did not reply back to our teachers

·       The kinds of issues teachers face these days in school – we couldn’t even imagine at our times…

So apparently we were a better lot!

Let’s see some facts:

·       Divorce rates

·       Crime against women

·       Road rage incidents

·       No. of people staying in old age homes is increasing

·       Impact of the previous generation on the kids of today

o   Alcoholism is increasing since its readily available at home and family parties

o   Stress levels in children due to increased expectations and demands of parents – suicide rates have gone up 3 times in 4 years, depression and psychological disorders have shot up

Let’s wake up!!! If the above statistics is NOT an ALARM enough, what will it be? I don’t know when we will wake up, take responsibility of the mess we have made, and do something about it rather than blaming the environment for the state of affairs.

What does the environment consist of? Only me and you… (and each one of the you ONLY). If each one of us takes responsibility of just one child (just your own child) world would be a different place!

Let’s stop blaming the current generation and take responsibility of ourselves…

Happy parenting…!!

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