Following 4S Approach :

Students, Subject, System and Self Development

Session With Parents

A 3 months long program divided into two parts. It comprises of a weekend offsite followed by 7 sessions over a period of 3 months.

The program provides access to children to identify and overcome the barriers they are facing to realize their true potential.

A session with parents is specially designed to create the support structure at home.

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Sessions With Teachers

Series of 11 workshops focused on the various methods and tools to empower teachers for their better understanding on how to nurture each and every child’s unlimited potential. Our tools will give them a scientific way out of the majority of the issues they are facing while teaching.

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Sessions With Children

This 7 session’s programs empower the adolescents to deal with their Physical & Cognitive Development and the Socio – Emotional self-regulation. Based on child development theories, students are engaged in role play, reflections etc. This helps them to explore themselves to deal with the changes in better and constructive way.

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Teacher Training Institute

The role of a teacher needs to shift from being a ‘Giver’ of knowledge to a “Facilitator”. This 3-month long Pre-Service Training program focuses on building the capabilities of teachers to enable them to nurture each and every child in the class while continuously exceeding management’s expectations.

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” Parwarish made me realize what’s going wrong. The session was an eye opener and gave me an alternate choice of achieving, like a positive approach to certain situations.”