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If you had to define your responsibility as a parent, how will you? Will it be something like this- I need to give him love, keep him happy, inculcate values, instill positive attitude … and you may add to the list as per your personal choices. Now the question is-do you have the ability to gift these attributes to your child? Do you have these attributes in YOU?

Only when you have love within, you can give love. Only when you heart is rejoicing, you can spread happiness all around. Positive attitude is living a life without worries. If as parents, we are constantly worrying about what will happen in the future, is it possible for the child to have a positive attitude?

So that your child can have all the qualities you have listed, you will now have to LIVE all those qualities. Live them every day, because you are an example. What you do, your children will do. You can preach only what you practice. All these years you have struggled to live a fulfilling life. You have postponed working on yourself, struggled to develop an attitude of love, happiness, celebration of every moment of life…but now you can’t postpone anymore. You have a child in your life who you want to give all of these. So you have to begin working on yourself NOW!

Does it sound like too much of an effort? So many years you have lived life in a particular way, now you have to make a shift, will it be possible? That’s why God has sent you a child. Your child is your inspiration! Not only that, he will also show you the path to lead a fulfilling life. Imagine your child when he was 2 years old-the shine in his eyes, the smile, and the energy-he was born with all these attributes. We all were born like that-‘no limit’. We are beautiful, confident, full of energy, curious, wanting to explore…and then we lost touch with our inner magic. And if we continue to bring up our children the way we do, they will also lose that magic the way we did! So what do we do?


Reverse your roles. Don’t lead, allow yourself to be led by your child. Let your child’s innocence, love for life, self confidence and no worry attitude rub on you. Begin to live your life like a child. Learn from your child. Listen to him. Allow your child to fulfill the purpose he was sent for in your life-to help you connect with the inner child that you left behind as you grew up.