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We shower our love on our children but end up at times being upset and disappointed. No parent is an exception. Let’s read this story.

A farmer wanted to have a rich harvest. He prayed to God and asked Him for some magical powers. God blessed him, too. Accordingly, he had the sun, winds and rains under his control. All through the year he nurtured his field with just right quantity of sunshine, rainfall and just enough breezes. No pest attacks and the field were ready for harvest at the end of the season. But the farmer ended up shocked as the neighboring fields yielded much healthier crops than his own. 

The angry farmer summoned God. “You have cheated me. I had made sure that my field got all that it needed at the right time. Still, I stand defeated. Why?” God smiled. He invited the farmer to look through the crops in the surrounding fields. They were much thicker and much longer than the farmer’s. “These plants needed to fend for themselves”, said God, “They had to be smart to gather and store enough water, heat and light. They had to become stronger themselves so as to face insects’ attacks. Eventually, they yielded richer crops.”

God’s message to the farmer could as well be adapted by all the caring parents. We provide EVERYTHING that exactly turns out to be the problem.

Better late than never. Let us learn to draw the line. After all, it is part of grooming THE GENIUS-IN-THE-MAKING.

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