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One of the biggest struggles that any student face throughout his/her lifetime as a student is s/he doesn’t have the answer of “Why am I studying?”


Studies came into existence to explain life. Newton gave our world the formula for gravity after he saw the apple falling! He observed the life phenomena and then tried to explain it in theory. Unfortunately, what we study in schools now is just the formula and some questions based upon it! The entire fun about experiencing gravity is completely lost! However, the ideal way to look at one’s textbooks is really wondering about how the content written in my book is related to my real life at the current moment? So isn’t summer break a great way to start thinking about it?

 What about creating a different perspective for looking at your textbooks?

Looking at history and seeing how are those times different than my current times? For instance, Create a dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi  and Hitler on their strategies of winning a war (as both of them operated from different philosophies to win a battle). Creating a face book page/ short presentations/ watching the cinemas/ movies based upon those times/ collecting photographs/ valuables from those earlier times. Visiting a museum of that time. Making Board games with riddles or cards to play ahead with peers or with people of all ages. Using the indoor play time to do a short drama by playing different characters from your language/ civics/ History books – with your friends.

Looking at your geography books- and planning a real tour for your family. Deciding all by yourself, the places to be visited, means of transportation to reach there, total amounts of expenditure that would be required per person.  

Break time doesn’t make you forget everything! On the other hand, it’s a perfect time to look into how can I apply my studies in my day to day life and How can I start having Fun in studies!

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