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Have you watched a group of children playing? More often than not, they would be talking about the rules of the game, arguing, counter-arguing, and usually end up with a fight. Often, the denouement is reached when a leader-figure from among the children interferes and brings in a verbal settlement. If it is an effective one, it brings back the lost tempo of the game. Otherwise, it ushers in the dispersal of the crowd, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Well, this scenario can be viewed as a brief session of practical Personality Management training. No exaggeration, on this. The common goal is the game. The remuneration for hard work and play is happiness and satisfaction, which could vary in degrees on a daily basis. The child who is just a ball picker is a team member, too. He gives his best, faces bullying by ‘seniors’, but gradually graduates to be a performer, as soon as another vulnerable novice is sighted within the crowd who would replace him.

Enjoying strenuous physical activity, reacting vividly to the opponents’ criticisms, supporting his own team vehemently, planning strategies, rejoicing over victories, fighting injustices — the child LIVES FOR THAT MOMENT. Honing leadership qualities, watching a variety of personalities, imitating fresh reactions and mannerisms, altering his style of speech, observing a kaleidoscope of thinking patterns — the child are evolving every moment. A game of ball isn’t just what it appears to be.

Indoor games too come with a surprisingly long list of personality growth-boosters: inculcating patience, improving planning skills (before the child gets his next round of participation), learning tactics of attack and defense, stretching the concentration span, stepping up logical and analytical skills.

May be most of the things that have been quoted so far are ‘Deja vu’ and redundant to you — parent / grandparent / guide. This article comes to you only as a REMINDER. Let us not just breed a generation of couch potatoes for own convenience and for our ‘child’s safety’, or simply in order to keep him happy, satisfied and quiet, within our vigilance field.


Let us make sure that the child enjoys every single moment of childhood — as YOU and I did!

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