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How to make READING more ENGAGING for your children?

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The cognitive development of children is hugely aided by their interactions with their immediate environment. Vyogotsky – the famous child development psychologist from Russia calls this as the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). Parents spending time with their kids, having engaging conversations with them, helping them to find answers to their questions optimally play their role in this ZPD. But there is a fundamental difference between being around children and being with children. The former focuses on just ‘time factor’; the latter actually focuses on quality time, on real engagement.
Many studies clearly show that children who experience higher levels of parental engagement and a closer relationship with their parents are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems and to engage in high risk behaviors. In addition, they exhibit high levels of self esteem, emotional health and educational attainment.
One of the ways where parents can spend time with their children is while they cultivate the habit of reading in their children. Initially, with young children parents could read children’s books with them. The pictures, letters and the simple rhythms develop interest for reading in children.
As children grow up, parents can engage with the text that children are reading.
Here are pointers to engage with the texts, certain questions parents could ask both about fiction and non fiction pieces.


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