Parwarish was born to make a difference in the area of parenting. The dictionary meaning of parenting means ‘the upbringing and care of a child’.

Thus, parenting is the work of not just the parents but also of the teachers.

Our aim is to cause a paradigm shift in the way
we look at Parenting and Teaching.


Established in 2008, the company focuses on bringing education and science in the area of parenting through specially designed workshops that cater to the requirements of parents and teachers of children from all age groups.

We have developed highly interactive workshops and coaching programs that guide and provide support to parents and teachers.

The workshops empower them to find their own solutions to everyday issues and work towards creating a stimulating environment for their children.

We are committed to making parenting and teaching a more comfortable and joyful experience for the parents and teachers so that they can raise effectively healthy, happy and productive children.


Partnering and empowering parents, teachers and other caregivers in nurturing every child’s ‘limitlessness’.


  • Children having no limitations in their abilities and actions, growing to be no-limit adults.
  • Parents having joy and fulfillment in day to day parenting
  • A great relationship between parents, teachers, and children
  • Each and every child enjoying learning in every ‘Center of Education’, be it home or school
  • The Parwarish Movement is making a difference in the life of every child, parent, and teacher.

Our Belief

“Children are born with all the power in the world; it is the external environment and the interactions children have that restricts their natural Gifts and hence their development. By providing a “Nurturing and Stimulating” Environment we can support raising their intelligence and potential to keep learning”.

This is just not a belief – That’s the way it is!