BATCH starting Oct 15th 2019




Spawning careers in School education

A 3 month extensive Teacher training program


GUARANTEED placement in reputed schools of your city.


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BATCH starting Oct 15th 2019




Spawning careers in School education

A 3 month extensive Teacher training program


GUARANTEED placement in reputed schools of your city.

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Do I Get The right after completing the course?


& The Reason Is

Current Dichotomy in the Education Industry in India

Huge Shortage Of Teachers


Teaching Jobs : 33.8 Lakhs

Seats Vacant : 5.56 Lakhs

India has the largest Student-Teacher gap


Teaching Jobs : 15,402

Seats Vacant : 7,646

Appalling Quality of Teachers

"We don't find sufficient qualified candidates," - DSSSB* official


Managing 40 children in a classroom in a period of 35 -40 minutes

Enforcing discipline without hitting / scolding them

Engaging students in class

Handling children who constantly disturb the classroom

How do I get them to to complete their homework


Problem in completing syllabus

Examination stress

The increased stress from CCE

Partnering & Empowering Parents, Teachers and other Caregivers in Nurturing every child’s “No-Limitness”.

  • Children have no limitations in their abilities and actions and they can grow to be ‘No-Limit’ adults
  • Parents having joy and Fulfillment in a day to day parenting.
  • A great relationship between parents, teacher and children.
  • Each & every child enjoying learning in every “Centre Of Education”.
  • The Parwarish movement is making a difference in life of every child, parents and teacher.


After extensive research, Parwarish found out that the need of the industry is very different from the education pattern. After detailed planning , we have designed a special course which not only completes the need of industry but also results in development of child

  • To match up the produce of our schools with the needs of the industry.

  • To make each and every child feel connected with teacher.

  • Creating engaging classrooms so that every child is actively learning.

  • Teaching with the purpose behind each subject.

  • Teaching life skills through subjects.

  • Research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement.

  • Engaging lively class rooms.

  • Fear of authority / teacher vs responsibility among children.

  • Self discipline among students.

  • Teaching vs. facilitation

  • Culture of rewards and punishment free environment

  • Building the connect between teachers and students


› Fresh / experienced teachers

› Extensive training in “Mentors in Transformation in Education” – School class facilitators

› 70% of the program is on-line at your own pace program

› Practice and demos in person
› Certification in ‘MTE’

› Placement in ‘reputed’ schools in Delhi and NCR post successful certification

› Short courses – online at your own pace program for teacher.

› School Program – online programs available for all the teachers of a school through school enrollment.

› Subject wise certification, Certification in Creating engaging classroom, Connecting with each & every child.

Dichotomy between the focus of education and Need of the industry


Skills Required by employers

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Knowledge acquisitions

600% increase in the number of students getting above 95 per cent in end-of-the-year exams over the last 6 years

80% of engineering graduates were categorized as “Unemployable”. Universities and employers credit the ‘unemployment’ factor to the lack of practical skills


Working on the barriers in the full potential realisation of every child:

  • Believing that the child is born with all the capabilities.
  • Understanding child’s needs and feelings.
  • Understanding the cause of the behaviour.
  • Nurturing the child’s innate capabilities.

Internalizing the real purpose of education as the medium towards nurturing and enhancing qualities of

  • Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Creativity, Self-expression, Exploration, Never giving up.
  • Life skills of critical thinking, creativity, coping with emotions, empathy, effective communication etc.

Facilitating experiential learning of children through:

  • Learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic.
  • Think- discuss- share of each topic.
  • Classroom setting & rules.
  • Connecting studies with child’s real life.
  • Lesson planning & Delivery.
  • Facilitation methods.

Resolving issues that the student goes through like peer pressure, examination stress, teenage attraction among opposite sex. Our training also includes topics like:

  • Sex education
  • Substance abuse
  • Anger management

Which will help teachers empower students on the above.

Profile of Parwarish Certified Teacher

  1. Connected with each and every child of the class.
  2. Ability to lead engaging and interactive classrooms.
  3. Creating interest in studies.
  4. Ability to incorporate all learning styles in the classroom.
  5. Able to deal with behavioral issues.
  6. Nurtures curiosity and creativity of children.
  7. Creates a punishment & reprimand free environment.

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