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Newsletter – Counselors Club

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Parwarish has been working in the field of child development and education for the last 9 years with the foundational belief that “Every child is born with all the powers in the world; By providing a nurturing and stimulating environment we can support in actualizing their potential and in raising their intelligence and potential to keep learning” In order to achieve the above, Parwarish has been working with Parents, teachers, and caregivers.

Parwarish Counselors Club

About Counselors’ Club

It’s a herculean task for a few counselors to support thousands of children in the school, and with the current structure of the school, their development and support mechanism is very limited.
To partner and to empower school counselors Parwarish started the Counselors Club in September 2016. The vision was to create a dynamic and vibrant group of counsellors who would be a support structure for each other and to contribute to the development of skills in school counsellors.

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