Program Design

2 Days Sessions

Off- Site Workshop

6 Half-Day Sessions

Once a Fortnight, Saturdays

1. Understanding Adolescence

1. Understanding their world.

2. Creating normalcy for the way they are; emotions, fears, anxieties, strengths, weaknesses.

3. The reactions of their environment are also normal.

4. Children wanting to do this program – they seeing the value in the program.

2. Goal Setting

1. Creating list of “what do they want” (Z list).

2. Creating their life goals – career, relationships, passions, extra-curricular / hobbies.

3. Children have a roadmap towards identifying their passion and goals.

4. Breaking up to the ultimate goal into shorter goals / smaller bites.

5. Structures and barriers.

6. They playing full-out in their lives.

3. Discovering Myself

1. “I can” will be their JARGON.

2. They are able to discover their real potential.

3. Discovering themselves as no-limit and unique.

4. Create their ways to break their own barriers.

5. Carry a strong self-esteem to lead a healthy & powerful life.

4. Responsibility

1. Freedom and responsibility

2. Taking charge of their lives

3. Decision-making ability

4. Understanding consequences

5. They creating their own structures

6. Breaking their ‘hard wired’ patterns

7. Working it out together with parents / people who are not aligned

Fortnightly Sessions: Reinforcement and Continuous Development

This part of the program is designed to support children to create empowering context and

practical ways to manage the various issues they are dealing with.

These would also reinforce what they acquired during the 2 day off-site.

We Will Discuss – 

1. Sexuality education: Being responsible and empowered to protect self.

2. Managing ‘Fun’ things: Social sites, games. 

3. Anger management.

4. Life-long learning: context of studies and learning styles.

5. Managing studies and exams stress.

6. Understanding and managing emotions.

Program pricing :

Rs. 35,000.00 + Service tax (inclusive of the travel, stay, food at the off-site and fortnightly sessions)

What do Parents Have to Say for Us: