Parwarish : 

Connecting Professional and Personal Lives

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Corporate Sessions

Professional and personal are two sides of the same coin. If one is unfulfilled, it impacts the other majorly. Relationship with children is one key area that influences the well-being and productivity of the employees. Our programs add a new dimension to Employee Engagement initiatives of a company, these programs connect with the employees at a very personal level and empowers them to powerfully deal with a critical aspect of their life… their children

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Parenting Sessions

Periodic sessions at the company premises to empower employees in nurturing the no-limitness of their children. These sessions are specifically designed based on the requirements of the employees in the current professional and personal stage. These programs also build a strong bond with the company.

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Counseling Services

Parwarish comes in as a preferred child expert whom employees can access directly through phone, skype or in-person sessions.

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” Parwarish made me realize what’s going wrong. The session was an eye opener and gave me an alternate choice of achieving, like a positive approach to certain situations.”

~Working Mother

Benefits to the Organization

  1. Better concentration of employees
  2. Happy and stress free employees
  3. Improving employee retention and engagement
  4. Increased productivity of employees
  5. Connecting with employees at the personal level

How to Join

  • Organizations can choose the topic specific workshops with parents and students, which can be conducted in either of the following manner:
    • Short 2-3 hours workshops being conducted in office premises.
    • An off-site designed as 1 or 2 Days Program where a session with the children could be included.
  • A yearly program on Parenting: The program would be designed on a progression, where we take the parent from the first step till the last so that he/she is fully equipped to handle the issues on his/her own.