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This session talks about the changes an adolescent goes through – physically, cognitively, emotionally & socially & empowers them by showing a raised view of their world. This session creates the foundation of the rest of the program.


We conduct workshop on “BODY SCIENCE” which not only supports them to handle “sexual abuse” but also provides them the correct information about sex and sexuality and also empowers them to be responsible about this aspect of their life. Making the students aware about what exactly is sex education and the correct biological names of their reproductive organs. Open conversations ,under the supervision of our experts, are created amongst boys and girls together to bring in ‘matter – of – factness’ around the entire topic. This not only empowers them to deal with the queries and anxieties about their sexuality but also builds sensitivity towards the opposite gender.


How does Self-Esteem gets built? As an adolescent, the need to be recognized by parents, teachers and most importantly, the peers, is extensive. The workshop supports the child in understanding ‘Who am I’ and see his ‘no-limitness’ rather being led by opinion of people. The student also sees the normalcy of changes happening during these years


In order to support them in handling their pent up emotions like frustration, irritation & anger, we discuss with them about “ANGER MANAGEMENT”. This becomes the urgent need to talk about with this age group as we see most of them getting involved in fights & verbal threats frequently OR being submissive to handle the same.


The workshop addresses the meaning of self esteem and The workshop alters the way students look at their failures and see their failures/mistakes as means of growth. Moving from ‘I Failed/I am a failure’ to ‘I am growing’; the workshop enables students to see their failures as a motivating factor, which brings fun and growth in life!


Availability and prevalence of various harmful substances amongst adolescents of today is much deeper than we can imagine! Called with various names, adolescents take it for various reasons – known best to them. The workshop gives them a deep level insight of the trap of these substances and the entire brain science behind it. Once the awareness is set in, we provide them with strategies on managing the pressure and devise ways of avoiding the trap!


Be it the bully or the student being bullied or the by stander students; bullying impacts all students and thus pollutes not just the school environment but their social structure at large. The workshop aims at sensitizing the students how bullying is a menace for each one of them and empowers them to eradicate the practice completely with mutual efforts.

Each Session is 2 to 3 Hours Long

All the above workshops as listed can be held as one off sessions
Together as a series in a longer term program

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