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A Curriculum that brings the Unlimited Potential of Children in the forefront !

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From 1st April 2019 the NO LIMIT Curriculum went live in Pragyanam School, Gurugram.  This happens in collabration with Parwarish.

In Parwarish,  we have been exploring various facets of this approach since a decade and now we present all of this together in the form of a curriculum.

Let us have a look and understand more about this further.

Objective of No-limit Curriculum

Each component of N0-Limit Curriculum is about children discovering their own ‘No Limitness’. The curriculum will provide a nurturing and stimulating space for children to learn and grow. Operating from a basic premise that every child can achieve whatever s/he wants to; the school environment will provide a stimulating safe space; where each child can discover the innate abilities and grow to be a ‘No limit’ adult.
The No-Limit curriculum aims at giving all these opportunities and also partner and empower parents to facilitate the process at home to –
Create an environment, free from the limiting beliefs of ‘limited abilities’; thus, empowering each child to explore and grow.
Using subject knowledge as a medium to nurture ten life-skills in children. The 10 life skills suggested by WHO:
Self awareness
Critical thinking
Decision Making
Creative thinking
Problem solving
Effective communication
Interpersonal relationship
Coping with stress
Coping with emotions

Providing a free and non-judgemental space for the child to fail and rise up again, pushing oneself towards new and fun-filled challenges every day.
Making available diverse experiences for children to learn and explore from- thus creating fearless children, who have the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

How it will show in children

Exploration happening all around the school and outside the school as well: Children being responsible for themselves as well as their environment.
Children being full of the No limit qualities, namely: self-confident, happy, sedulous, fearless, creative, self-expressed, humane, self-reliant and explorative
Children becoming peer learners
High quality immersive experience, that goes beyond a set curriculum which will develop life skills and create happy and satisfied children
Parents being equal partners in supporting nurturing these life skills in the home environment.

How will it be delivered:

There is no dearth to learning. Nature, animals, plants, natural phenomenon and people around have a lot to offer. It is all about our interface with these elements and what we make out of it. Pragyanam’s ‘No limit Curriculum’ is an open curriculum- which uses this premise to support making the child’s experiences, richer. A rigorous 3 months teachers training will empower the teachers to develop their learning designs based on age-specific, child development learning indicators.
A healthy mix of new and traditional methods would be used for effective delivery of No-Limit Curriculum:
Courseware- using a rich mix of NCERT and other guiding texts
A mix of structured and unstructured co-scholastic activities like dance/ drama/ theatre/ storytelling/ P.E
Theme-wise and Integrated subjects’ approach: Subjects are not stand-alone. They are inter-related. No Limit Curriculum aims at introducing themes at different class levels and hence exploring and understanding these themes using various subjects.
Individualized Educational Plans- Every child respected for her own pace to learn, grow and develop- thus providing no scope for comparisons.
Assessment- Each child measured on No Limit qualities, using our No Limit Scale. A comprehensive report about the child would be thus passed on to next grade.

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