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We had recently returned to our city after attending a close relative’s wedding. The journey, the excitement, the late nights and the heavy feasts had left my daughter exhausted. She complained that she was too tired to go to school, but she also refused to absent herself form school. I brought in the good old theory: I said to her, “You are actually very happy about the journey and you did enjoy the wedding, too. Your mind is relaxed and fresh, while your body is tired. Try to distinguish between your body and your mind. Tell aloud to yourself: ‘only my body is tired and not my mind. I shall overcome this fatigue soon as I have done several times in my life.’ “Of course, in a day or two she got back to her normal routine.

You may try applying this theory of segregation of body and mind to your child, too. But first you need to initiate the child. You may play a game for this: Touch the organs of the child and let him name them with “my” prefixed to the answer. So he would call out “My head”, “My neck”, “My feet”. Make him stand in front of a mirror. Now ask him to call out rapidly all the organs that he had just named, giving a single clap after each one (in order to bring in an element of laughter). “Now” tell him, “Give one word for all the organs put together.” The expected answer is “My body”. If he is unable to give it, help him with clues (‘It is a four letter word’, ‘Starts with the letter ‘b’. ‘Ends with ‘y’…) Give him a tight hug once he calls out “My body”.

Now tell him that you have a “very difficult question” and take him back to the mirror and ask him, pointing at his reflection,” Who is this?” He would laugh, puzzled, and anyway give the exact answer hurriedly, “It is me!” he might even add his name to this answer. It is your turn to laugh and ask him to be precise. “Is it your body or ‘you’?”

Before the child becomes impatient, give him the answer: “You are not your body! You are using its organs- you use the legs to walk, run and play the mouth to eat, drink and speak and so on. So you are controlling the organs. Therefore when there is an injury, remember that the organ gets damaged and lets you know that it needs your attention by ‘creating pain’. Try to be in this state of awareness the next time we go for your inoculation. The needle has to enter the skin in order to send the drug from the syringe to the body and that minor puncture is informed to you with a mild pain. When your mind accepts this, you will be surprised to find that the pain is much less.”

If you are a person with religious or philosophical inclination, you may amplify the idea of body, mind and soul later on gradually. Either way, this kind of conversation would kick start the thought process in the child. When you teach him to THINK, you are arming him with virtual reins that would help him to remain in control of his sense organs.


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