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Family Holiday – Time to have Fun & Learn.

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Parwarish-no-limit-childrenA Family holiday is a great way to expose kids to a new city or culture. It’s also a perfect occasion to take benefit of attractions and opportunities for discovery in other destinations, well beyond the beach or a theme park. Currently I am on an impromptu family vaccation in Singapore. My 3 year old is soaking it all in; the new sights, the different people, new activities that we are indulging together.. how do I ensure that she learns and integrates these new learnings in her realm of understanding?

Here are few simple things that we could do with our children, that will ensure that they take back all the learnings with them.

No matter where you’re going, there are a few simple activities you can incorporate to encourage your children to actually absorb everything they’re experiencing. For example, try to:

  • Create a scavenger hunt with a checklist of items to look out for based on where you’re going. When your child has completed their list, let them pick out a souvenir of your trip.
  • Play the license plate game but with a twist. Get the kids to jot down when they spot a new license plate – then quiz them what that state’s capital is, or other fun trivia. The more responses they get right, the more points they earn toward a special reward.
  • Download a tourism app before you leave and take some time to study the facts. You can play tour director as you drive through town to your hotel or to attractions, pointing out key sights.
  • Give the kids their own travel journals and have them wind down at night by writing their favourite activities and moments from the day. Be sure to snap lots of photos and keep ticket stubs so they can create a fun vacation scrapbook once you’re back home.

A little fun and the learnings generated go a long way !


Dr Shruti Jaiswal – Team Parwarish. 

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