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Going Beyond #MeToo

By October 26, 2017 No Comments


A hashtag with two simple words ‘Me Too’ has gone viral and transformed into a global social movement to send across a powerful message against sexual harassment. Millions of people across the world are now taking to social media to share their ordeal using the hashtag ‘MeToo’. This phenomenon reveals the terrifying magnitude of sexual harassment across cultures. The plight of sexual abuse victims has found resonance among millions of women who had faced similar harassment in varying degrees in their lives. They are now coming out in the open and sharing their ordeal. Many men have also joined the wagon and are sharing their stories of abuse or the fact that they are taking a stand to be in solidarity with the victims.  While such campaigns will help create better awareness about gender issues, it is, however, a long road ahead to win the battle against sexual predators.


While there could be forums to discuss on this and stringent actions to be taken against the offenders; but one needs to start at this early. The most fundamental way to do so – is address it and talk about it. Right here in our homes, schools, colleges – amongst us , with our children.

Lets not make a hullabaloo about the most fundamental of the life process. If we talk to our children about their own bodies, their genitals, good touch – bad touch – we can empower them to understand abuse and raise a voice against it.

Talking about it is not a complex thing; it can be done very simply. Remember the jargon is in our head !

So before fighting sexual abuse – lets make conversations on understanding sex a norm and empower our children. Age appropriate conversations on this topic done from an early age will not only enable our children to fight against it but also start bringing in gender sensitization right from the beginning.


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