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How do we get our children to NOT Trust us?

By July 3, 2018 No Comments

It is impossible to come across a new born who does not trust his people, his surroundings. In fact, once comfortable their trust doesn’t have any degree; they trust everyone in the same manner.

But as they start to grow up and understand, they are introduced to MISTRUST. And more often than not – it’s the parents who bring this on.

Often, in order to get our work done with peace, without any interruption or tantrums from our children we resolve to and lying to them.  It becomes easier to take them to the doctor or slip away for a movie. So in short term – it benefits the parents but in the long run we are not only teaching our children to lie and manipulate us (using the same techniques) but also pass them the message that – My parents don’t do what they say, that I can’t trust them and of course it is okay to lie and hide things.

So before your next vaccination shot – just tell your child the truth, give her a chance to process it and set the expectation straight – that there would be no compromise with this action. Assure her that it will be a small prick and a brave child like her would be able to deal with it.

Once we start being truthful to our children at all times, it might cause us a little inconvenience in the beginning but this practice has huge benefits in the long run.




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