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What is punishment? Punishment is nothing but a rough handling of a situation or a penalty. Whenever you give punishment to your child remember that you are only giving penalty to him/her. That’s it and punishment has nothing to do with “the behavior” you want in your child. Punishment doesn’t modify the behavior of your child.

Punishment basically ruins the relationship of a parent and a child and in most cases as the age of child increases, intensity of punishment also increases as a result making the parent-child relationship worse. Reported aggressive behavior in most of the children is nothing but the outcome of lots of punishment which further result into rebellious attitude.

Try not to use punishment but instead of punishment it is better to use “consequences”.

Consequences are the result of a particular action or situation. Implementing consequences is actually not easy for parents as well as for the children, and it also takes a lot of courage for the parents to implement and for the children to follow. Rather than giving punishment to the child, set consequences with the child. 

Try to connect to the intention behind your child’s behavior or particular action or it’s better to ask your child about his/her own behavior. Try to sit with them and co-create the consequences with them, because consequences are created with children not by parents alone. Since consequences are co-created with children, they will follow the consequences.

By setting consequences parents not only exclude the punishment but introduce the new term in their parenting style and for which neither you have complaints nor your child. There is no need to shout at them because in this way your relation is getting spoilt with your children. Plus you don’t have to poke or nag them for every small thing.

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