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For me, becoming a parent was the biggest turning point of my life. It would be for more parents. For me it was the birth of my guru. For the last 16 years my biggest learning has come from observing and connecting to my children. They have been my inspirations for

·       Love (selfless and unconditional)

·       Patience

  • Never give up
  • Enjoying each and every day in life 
  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Self-Expression
  • Self Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Ability to Question
  • Learning all the time…

·       Courage and the list goes on….

 Well children have been the source of Parwarish. 

One of my favorite learning is about ‘not getting stopped by failure’

 I was encouraging Aman to Crawl. I would put a rattler just out of his reach and he would try to reach it – take all the energy and effort to move that couple of inches and as soon as he would catch it I would move that another couple of inches beyond him. He would look up smile at me and then again very diligently start the process – grunting and pulling himself he would move that 1 inch in about 4-5 minutes and would find me move his rattler another couple of inches beyond him. This went on for hours through days and he started crawling. How do we react when someone does that to us?

·       Give up

·       Kick him

·       Abuse him

·       Tell yourself it’s not worth it

·       Tell yourself you hate the person

·       Tell him that you hate him

·       Give up! Never to try it again


What happened when I tried to walk or bicycle the first time? Did I get stopped by a failure? I did not even consider it to be a failure?

So what’s different now? Am I giving up after a fall?

What I learnt from my child – they never give up – actually enjoy it as an activity. That’s a game for them and they want to play and they play and master the game.

Nothing succeeds like failure! And my teacher was the 9 month old Aman!

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