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When was it last that you renewed one of those Fixed Deposits that you have kept aside “exclusively” for your child? None other than you may be in the know of it, not even your child. But are you aware that you are unconsicously making another contribution – sort of a ‘Recurring Deposit’ – day in and day out, to your child? Of course, not in terms of money, but it deals with his personality building and attitude.

If face is the index of mind, then your child is the index of your own personality. Well, well, I can almost hear you tell me, “Please don’t try to teach new tricks to an old dog”. Certainly this is not a puritanical sermon! But, do take note of this warning: Your child inherits several things from you– other than wealth (movable and immovable assets) and health problems ( say diabetes, hypertension…) YOU play a pivotal role in shaping your child’s personality.

Take a test:

The next couple of times that you find your child in the company of children of his age group, observe him (without letting him know it, obviously), in order to make a character study. Also, make your own assessments of his conduct and speech within the four walls of your home. Make a list of your child’s personal life, focusing on the child’s weakness. Without bias or ego, explore the origin by some soul-searching. Well, the result need not be a confession statement or guilt accumulation. Instead, think positively and plan cautiously to turn a new leaf. Impossible, painful or unnecessary? A weak-minded person may think so, but not you. You are working so hard to give your child the best things in life, and that is exactly why you are reading this page. You can, if you understand why you should.

Let us take one (removable!) trait found in most of us: The “I-me-myself” syndrome. When in a crowd, do you continuously gauge yourself with every passing remark? Or instead, are you able to healthily participate in the discussions and take others’ views objectively? While dispersing from the crowd, do you feel relaxed and simply move on to your next chore? If yes, your child is likely to be strongly optimistic and blessed with a lot of friends. He is therefore likely to be an outgoing and experimenting adult, yearning for achievements. Success would come looking for him. Such could be the influence that you could make in your child today.

Though parents are not entirely responsible for molding the child’s personality, the influence they have over him is tremendous. Most of the traits in behavior and conduct are acquired and not in-born. For example, we can quote the fear of dogs as an ‘acquired habit’.


Isn’t it a subtle pleasure to watch your beloved little one wear a variety of dresses and look so cute and lovable? Come, let’s adorn him with wonderful traits, only to sit back and win the world as an admirable adult.

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