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Can I Learn to Parent Better?

By January 7, 2019 No Comments

Think about to the fundamental endeavours of your life. Appearing for your Board Exams, job interviews, finding a new house or running a marathon. Did these milestones just come into existence?  The answer would be NO.

In most important areas of our life, we wouldn’t dream of taking a task without any prior groundwork. We would learn, understand, determine tactics to accomplish better and practice, practice, practice.

Yet for some reason, parents are reluctant to take the same approach towards parenting.

A little new life becomes a part of us one day and the perception is that mothers and fathers should instinctively know what to do.

Even parents need to be reflective of the inputs they are providing to create the environment in which they are raising the child. The child is constantly evolving not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, socially and yet as parents we keep going through the whole rigmarole of daily life without even considering to learn small aspects of understanding child development.

It is assumed that everything will fall into place if we just love our children enough. The paradox? It’s not necessary that instinctual choices are the right ones.

Parenting conversations with experts can make a huge difference.

In today’s time of evolving technology, media intrusion, nuclear families, stiff competitions, multiple options for everything, information overload – raising children is not easy. Juggling work & home responsibilities parents do tend to take the easier way out. For example – it is easiest to put your child in front of the TV/ Ipad for few hours to find the much eluded       time /personal space , but that simple act comes with its own repercussions.

Parenting education, parenting classes how ever you want to name it, give parents a platform to think, reflect on their actions as parents, the underlying context of it – thereby introspect on the unique relationship that they share with their own child.

Taking a parenting class can prompt emotional state of anxiety or worry. Some parents feel like registering for such an event/ class may mean that they are “bad parents” or that they “can’t control their children.” On the contrary this indicates that one is committed to their children and hence explore and learn about upgrading their parenting skills.

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