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I very often get to hear about myself, “Saba how do you manage everything? and that too with children” Which gives me a chance to reflect on to my life and sometimes put me in doubts too but I realize I am Living the life of my dreams and doing things which I always wanted to and workis not a burden when it is a passion. And this for me is only possible because of the empowerment I receive from Parwarish.

Not just grateful to Sushant for creating this space but to all my team members for living up to the possibility of EVERYTHING. If I had to pick up 2 things which I cherish the most in my learning(very difficult to pick just two) it would be COMMUNICATION and CREATING RESPONSIBILITY. I realize the reason I am able to do what I do is because each one of us in the family takes up responsibility for their own lives. I am able to talk to children about their responsibilities be it for their studies or be it for their play, even when the so called not so good food needs to be finished, it doesn’t come from they have to do it because I have said it, they do it because they need to be responsible for their health too. Therefore the whole responsibility thing is amazing and I wonder how different would the world be if only all of us knew How to take responsibility of our actions and for the words we utter.

Which brings me to my other favourite tool REAL Communication. Seemingly impossible in today’s world but with Parwarish everything is possible!! I love the way my girls talk to me and the things which I can share with them would not have been possible had we not build this for ourselves., Not just children, it has altered relationships for me, I realize that the power of communication is not just in words but much more than that. Words fall short, thank you feel small when it comes to heartfelt gratitude to Parwarish.

Saba Islam is part of Team Parwarish and runs our programs in Kolkotta. 

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