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Parwarish Completes a Decade !

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Parwarish completes a decade ! Today we present to you Sushant’s story of him starting Parwarish in his own words.

When I first introduced the philosophy of being born NO LIMIT – Without any limits  to my 3 year old son, he asked me a simple question – ‘If you say, I am NO LIMIT  – I can do anything – Does it mean  I can fly?”. Today 15 years after Aman, our first born had asked me this question, he is in a flying school in America learning to be a commercial pilot !

 This journey of fatherhood which began 18 years  was ago instrumental in sowing the seeds to start PARWARISH INSTITUTE OF PARENTING – one of the country’s most admired parenting training organization.

This This unrelenting passion of reaching out to each and every child through their parents and teachers which officially began 10 years back when I quit my job as VP-Field operations at Max New York Life Insurance. The choice which left everyone around baffled and stunned – my bosses, my colleagues, my parents, relatives, friends that at 39yrs of age you want to give up everything and start afresh from nothing. With Monica saying go try it out and my children – being children – said do what you love to do.

10 years hence when I look back – I guess this was the best decision of my life. 10 years of excitement, fear, anxiety, sleepless nights, fulfilment, satisfaction, fun, disappointments, ecstasy, breaking all the barriers for myself and still left with many.  If God would ask me – if given a chance how would I want to relive the last 10 years. I would not want to change it a bit. Every jump, every fall, every mistake, every fight, every altercation has made what I am and what Parwarish is today.

Slowly the team growing, from calling themselves novices in the field of parenting to being the best and the sought after in the field of parenting, each person in the team have grown many folds. From being the lone warrior of ‘nolimitness’ to having a rock solid team forging ahead is been a great journey.

More than 20,000 parents, 15,0000 children, 10,000 teachers impacted through our programs. Covering more than 40 cities in the country from Bhuj in the West to Misamari (Assam) in the extreme East, from Tirthan (HP) in the north to Pondicherry in the south Parwarish has made its presence felt across the length and breadth of the country.  Not only Indians, Parwarish has empowered Japanese, Chinese, German, American parents across the globe. The Bheel Community parents could see that parenting can be a joyful and fulfilling experience.

With people joining in from across the country currently we have associates in Kolkatta, Siliguri and Bangalore.

Thank God for the life I have. In gratitude of everyone who joined us in the journey, some stayed for a few days to a few months to a few years. For some it became a way of life. Thanking each one of you for making the contribution in my life, in Parwarish and in every life you touched being Parwarish.

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